# What are the documents required for submitting kyc form?

  • Photocopy of citizenship
  • Photocopy of Demat confirmation letter 
  • One PP size Photo
  • Photocopy of pan card for transactions above 5 lakhs
  • Photocopy of id card
  • Photo and citizenship copy of guardian (in case of minor) 

# How do we open trading accounts via online?    

  • Visit our website https://www.premiersecurities.com.np/
  • Click Online trading
  • Click on New Registration
  • Fill the form and attach document in pdf format
  • Please submit the printed document as soon as possible

 # What is the difference between a trading account and Demat account?

Trading account is opened in broker's office to trade on secondary market but demat account is opened to keep record of share.

# Is collateral needed in trading?

If you are an offline trader then collateral is not needed but if you are an online trader then you should deposit 25% of total trading as a collateral which is refundable.

# How to transfer my fund in broker accounts through Connect IPS?

  • Go to the Connect IPS dashboard
  • Tab to the Financial Institution
  • Tab Capital Market
  • Tab Brokers Payments
  • Fill required fields
  • Inform us about your payments 

# In how many days and how to transfer my shares?

Transfer your shares within 24 hours of Trading following the steps

  • Open your Mero share account then
  • Click My EDIS
  • Calculate WACC from My Purchase Source before submitting EDIS;

# When do I receive my payment after selling shares?

You will receive your payment within three days from the actual trading, the payment might vary in case of national holidays and Book Close.

# How can we Manage Collateral from TMS?

  • Go to the TMS  dashboard
  • Tab to Fund management
  • Tab to collateral management
  • Go to load collateral
  • Select bank, account type and then submit.

# How can we refund the collateral?

  • Go to the TMS  dashboard
  • Tab to Fund management
  • Tab to collateral management
  • Go to refund collateral
  • Enter your Account Number and Amount
  • And then submit

# How to Place an Order via online?

  • Go to the TMS  dashboard
  • Tab Order Management
  • Go to Buy/Sell option
  • Enter Required Fields( Company Symbol, Quantity, Price)
  • Then Buy/Sell as Per your requirement

# How to make Payment through TMS?

  • Go to the TMS  dashboard
  • Tab to Fund management
  • Go To Fund Settlement
  • Tab to Buy Information
  • Tick your Due Amount
  • Click on Make Settlement
  • Click on Proceed with Payment
  • Click on EOD pay In
  • Make Payment

Note: Before selling share Please check whether your account is frozen or not 

Last Updated: Tue, 2021 April 13